ADI Cancellations

Give Your Pupils That Little Bit Extra

Do you book tests for your students?

Panel System

You can use one of our bespoke panel systems to manage all your client bookings. You can find cancellations quickly and easily for any pupil!

Find Cancellations

We search for cancellations 18 hours a day (it's impossible to find cancellations between midnight and 6am!)

Automatic Booking

You can either book the cancellations for your pupils through our panel or we can autobook them for you!

Do your students book their tests?

Promo Code

Just fill in the form below and send us your query and what you want. We can set you up with a promo code to give to your students. You can either earn money or reduce the fee for your pupils.

Sell To your student

You can sell to your students via unique code that we can give you. Your student can use this code and you will earn referral income for everyone you refer.


We can automatically pay you depending on how many referrals you send each month.

Make An Enquiry

Make an enquiry now to help your students find cancellations (or just make your life easier!).