Driving Laws You May Have Forgotten About

  1. Using a mobile phone as a sat nav when it not in a fixed position

If you are using you phone as a sat nav which a lot a people do with the like of Google maps it must be in a fixed position either in your windscreen or on the dash and must not be in your hands.

The fine for this offence is 6 points and a £200 pound minimum fine. If you had your licence for less than two years you would lose you licence and face a potential ban.

  1. Flashing Your Lights to let people pass

This is one a lot of us do without even thinking. Flashing your lights to let a car go in front is not what you lights are there for, they are there to warn people of you presences. If you a caught doing this the minimum fine is £30.

  1. Splashing a pedestrian

If you splash a pedestrian on the pavement you could face a whopping £5000 fine. It is classed a driving ‘without reasonable consideration for other persons’.

  1. Contactless phone Payments At A Drive Thru

If you fancy a late night meal but don’t have your wallet well it’s okay now a days as we have the likes of Apple Pay and Android Pay. However if you use these services with your engine on you could be faced with 6 points and a £1000 pound fine. So make sure your engine is off and handbrake is on before you choose to use your phone to pay for your late night meal.