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We find Driving Test Cancellations by scanning the DVA database thousands of times every day. We search on your behalf to find you the latest driving test cancellations. After signing up, we will immediately start searching for earlier test dates. In most cases, we find earlier tests within three days of signing up.

Yes. You need to have a test booked at the test centre that you would like to receive test cancellations at. We will find earlier cancellations at the centre you have booked. 

You could! It just takes a long, long time. Cancellation dates usually appear randomly throughout the day and usually taken very quickly by other drivers. We automate this process for you by checking every few minutes and we automatically reserve the slot for you so no one else can take it! It really is that simple, we search for test cancellations hundreds of times a day, that’s a lot of time and effort saved!

No! All you have to do is simply fill in the form. We’ll take care of the rest! We have designed our system to be as simple and easy to use as possible, therefore no software needs to be downloaded or installed. 

Unfortunately not! The only way to find driving test cancellations is to either look manually yourself or to use a service like ours. We do not find earlier driving test slots from a test cancellation list, we simply use the information you provide to check the database hundreds of times a day! 

We are not associated with the DVLA. We are a service offering to look on your behalf for the latest driving test cancellations. The DVLA has a large database of potential cancellations but can only be accessed by logging in manually or using a system such as ours. 

We search the test centre you booked your practical test at. All notification for a new test will only be at the specific to your test centre. 

Latest Blogs

Carlos Tavares the boss of PSA, Peugeot Citroen and Vauxhall, has cautioned Governments during a speech at the Frankfurt motor show saying a total ban of internal combustion engines and an enforced introduction of electric cars could put the entire motor car industry at risk. He warned that any government that tries to dictate technology will be putting creativity, finances and jobs at risk. Not only this but Carlos Tavares also warned that future health and safety issues could be the government’s responsibility “we are moving from a technology neutral era into an instruction to go electric. From now on, the scientific responsibility is in the hands of governments. So, if in 20 or 30 years, there are health or safety issues [with electric vehicles], they will be in the hands of governments.”

Tavares also believes the current, highly subsidised electric car market is a poor basis for enforcing their adoption and worries it may not be profitable in future which would cause problems such as declining investment and fewer people being able to afford a car. Tavares instead thinks that highly efficient internal combustion engines such as his own Hybrid Air system, a low cost, compressed air boost, as an example of possible alternatives to a complete ban on combustion engines.

Enforcing electric cars could certainly have severe impacts on the cost, especially for younger drivers trying to buy their first car however, that is only if the cost of construction doesn’t come down by 2040 which seems highly unlikely. Already Tesla are building the biggest lithium Ion battery factory in the world which will help reduce the cost of the most expensive single part in an electric car, the batteries themselves.

It has come to light that in only 9 months some diesel cars have lost as much as a quarter of their price due to the government closing in on polluting cars. On average the value of the most popular diesel models have fallen 5.7% from £4,581 to £4,381.

The car worst hit by this fall was the Vauxhall Corsa which saw its value decline by 26.3% to £1,592. Even the Audi A3 which usually holds its value very well has seen a decrease of 11.3%.

To combat this most car manufactures have offered car scrappage schemes to ditch old diesel models in favour of newer ones which don’t release as much Nitrogen Dioxide. This has seen a lot of interest with one manufacture having valued over 24,000 used cars already. To accommodate the fall in diesels, used petrol cars have actually seen a 5% increase in price.

Diesel cars are starting to look a lot like white elephants with many forward-thinking motorists choosing to buy petrol, electric or hybrid cars instead. This has grown fears that thousands of diesel owners could find themselves locked into finance deals they now can’t afford due to their cars depreciation which could mean drivers who need to hand back their cars early as they cannot afford repayments will be unable to do so without paying huge fines if they depreciate in value faster than expected.

Whether this is going to benefit the consumer is very difficult to know but what we can say for sure is that it’s very unlikely that this sudden decline is going to reverse itself as more and more anti-pollution measurers such as in the 2040 plans for even petrol cars to be totally banned and replaced with hybrids and electrics.

Driving Test History

The first driving licences were introduced to the UK in 1903 under the Motor Car Act of 1903 but no driving test was required. The highway code was launched in 1931 at a cost of one penny and was very different to the version we have today. Although some parts are similar such as ‘all road users to be careful and considerate to others’, some parts have not changed at all. The 1931 version of the highway code did not even mention mirrors and encouraged road users to sound their horn whilst overtaking. Other notable differences are for such things as simply crossing a road. This topic only merited a paragraph in the 1931 first edition but includes a whole chapter for todays version.  

In 1933 there were only 1.8 million cars on the roads but over 7000 people were killed and a staggering 216,000 were injured.

Due to the increasing number of casualties, a driving test was brought in under the Road Traffic Act 1934. However, this looks very different to the driving test undertaken today and included no theory elements at all. The first driving tests cost a total of 37.5p and because there were no test centres, pupils would arrange to meet at a mutual location such as a post office, town hall or school. There were also not specifically trained examiners, therefore ex police or ex forces were often used to sit driving tests. The pass rate in 1934 was 63% which is far higher than the 43% today.                

The driving test has only ever been suspended twice in its history. Once during World War Two and again during the Suez Canal crisis of 1956 and 1957. During this difficult time, examiners were asked to help control petrol rations due to the severe shortages left by the crisis.

Over the next six decades, the driving test would change to adapt to the changing times. Automatic vehicles were put on a separate category in 1968 and arm signals were removed in tests from 1975 although it still formed part of the highway code. One of the largest changes came about in 1990 when the theory test was introduced. The pass mark was set at 26 from 35 questions but quickly rose to 30 out of 35 within just months of being introduced. The introduction of a theory test meant the examiner on the practical test would no longer ask questions on the highway code.

With the increasing emphasis on technology, the driving test was updated in December 2017 which introduced a compulsory section to follow a sat nav for 10 minutes. This major change also replaced reversing around a corner with reversing out of a bay and asked learner drivers to show how the rear heated windscreen operated. Reaction to this change was overall positive and meant that candidates were more prepared for real world driving.

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