Learner Driver Centre

Calling all learner drivers! We have created extensive guides on a large range of topics to help you learn to drive. We cover important information about the test including great guides and tips to give you a chance of a better outcome on the day.

A Guide to Choosing the Best Time for Your Driving Test

Taking your practical driving test is the final step towards finding your freedom on the road and gaining confidence as an independent driver. By passing your test, you can open up a world of opportunities for future careers, fulfil your aspirations to travel or simply be able to get yourself from A to B without the worry of public transport….

How to Take Your Driving Test Using Your Own Car

So, you’ve been taking driving lessons with your instructor for some time and are now beginning to think about your practical driving test. Let’s say you have your own car and have also had the opportunity to take lessons in it with a relative or friend who meets the legal requirements. You might now be thinking about taking your practical test in your own car, but wondering if there are any advantages in doing so…..

How to Book a Driving Test – A Complete Guide

Learning to drive can be such and involved process that goes beyond practicing manoeuvres and navigating the road. Whether you’ve just turned 17 and are keen to pass your test as quickly as possible or are potentially older and are taking the learning stage at a steady pace in your free time, you will at some point be faced with booking your practical driving test……