Pass Your Test Like A Boss

Pass Your Test Like A Boss

Lets be honest. A driving test isn’t much fun! So much of the driving test can come down to such little things or intricate luck that life just doesn’t seem fair. However; with this guide you will increase your chances of passing next time!

Learn The Route Of Your Driving Test

By far the most important aspect of your driving test is where you will actually be driving. Learning the route will allow you to focus on other safety checks rather than wondering where you are and what’s coming up ahead. Even if you’re not driving, simply knowing where things are and what is coming up ahead is essential when on your test.

Keep Calm

Keep calm and carry on is the motto! And it certainly is true in this case. One of the most prominent things we hear about when people come to us looking for driving test cancellations is ‘I was fine the day before’. This so often rings true. By the time you get to your test, you know your instructor well and therefore feel calm on driving lessons When this becomes a test environment with someone you don’t know, nerves can so easily kick in. Nearly all of us here at Find Me A Driving test were the same.

Our tip to combat this is to take one or two lessons with somebody else in your car. This could be someone like a friend or a parent. Driving with someone else in the car who you are not used to driving will help to increase the pressure (just like the real test!).

Take Your Time

Why rush? A driving test is only a set amount of time and rushing will not only make you more likely to make mistakes but will run down the clock faster! What’s the point?

Make sure you take plenty of times with your manoeuvre. You are unlikely to fail your driving test because of the manoeuvre and therefore every minute spent doing it with no cars around, is a minute less having to deal with real and fast changing hazards.

Watch that speed!

It’s so important to keep an eye on the speed you are doing. Not only is speeding an instant fail, it gives you far less preparation time. Be extra vigilant when approaching areas with housing as recent council campaigns have seen many areas reduced to just 20mph. Driving at 30mph in a 20mph zone will result in a fail. If in doubt (and there is no traffic behind you) drive at 20mph through these estates. If the road is narrow with many obstacles, this will likely be seen as good judgement by the examiner.

Don’t Panic

Do not panic when it comes to the Sat-Nav part of the test. If you are approaching a major roundabout and you realise you are in the wrong lane, do not make every effort and get in the correct lane. Just carry on as normal and exit the roundabout in your lane a the wrong exit. The instructor cannot fail you for not listening but solely on your driving. Therefore do not panic if you realise you have to change direction. Just keep calm and carry on!