Terms and Conditions







Find Me A Driving Test operates under the trade name for company number 11921914. The services provided by Find Me A Driving Test to secure earlier driving test openings are governed by the subsequent terms. These stipulations are presented to optimize our clients’ experience, enhancing their prospects of securing a preferred test date ahead of schedule.


Find Me a Driving Test maintains complete independence from the DVLA and is exclusively dedicated to procuring test cancellations for our valued clients. Granting us access to your current driving test booking through the provision of your driving licence number constitutes your consent for us to facilitate the identification of earlier test options.


It is imperative for clients to abstain from concurrently engaging with other test cancellation services while utilizing Find Me a Driving Test. The DVLA has placed constraints on the frequency of search operations per hour, consequently impeding our capacity to unearth earlier test slots. To mitigate this limitation, users of our service must refrain from actively pursuing new test dates, as such actions detrimentally impact our search capabilities.


The onus rests with customers to promptly respond to any SMS/text messages, thereby maximizing the potential to effectuate changes in test dates. Each client must possess an extant test booking, acknowledging that any disruptions in service arising from the absence of a valid booking render them ineligible for our money back guarantee.


Clients bear the responsibility of accurately inputting all requisite information during the registration process. Customers providing erroneous data are precluded from benefiting from our money back guarantee. Find Me A Driving Test disclaims responsibility for any alterations to tests carried out directly by the DVLA.


Account enhancements are available for users wishing to elevate their service level. Notably, premium upgrades are nonrefundable, except when our commitment to securing a new test date remains unfulfilled within a span of 10 days.


In alignment with our privacy policy, registering for our services signifies your authorization for the delivery of new test dates to your mobile phone number.


We relinquish accountability in instances where users book non-refundable tests through our platform and subsequently opt for cancellation. Likewise, we disclaim responsibility for reservations made through our ‘autobook’ service, which result in non-refundable dates.




Queries pertaining to the Terms and Conditions should be directed to us at [email protected].


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