Throwing the power in

Carlos Tavares the boss of PSA, Peugeot Citroen and Vauxhall, has cautioned Governments during a speech at the Frankfurt motor show saying a total ban of internal combustion engines and an enforced introduction of electric cars could put the entire motor car industry at risk. He warned that any government that tries to dictate technology will be putting creativity, finances and jobs at risk. Not only this but Carlos Tavares also warned that future health and safety issues could be the government’s responsibility “we are moving from a technology neutral era into an instruction to go electric. From now on, the scientific responsibility is in the hands of governments. So, if in 20 or 30 years, there are health or safety issues [with electric vehicles], they will be in the hands of governments.”


Tavares also believes the current, highly subsidised electric car market is a poor basis for enforcing their adoption and worries it may not be profitable in future which would cause problems such as declining investment and fewer people being able to afford a car. Tavares instead thinks that highly efficient internal combustion engines such as his own Hybrid Air system, a low cost, compressed air boost, as an example of possible alternatives to a complete ban on combustion engines.


Enforcing electric cars could certainly have severe impacts on the cost, especially for younger drivers trying to buy their first car however, that is only if the cost of construction doesn’t come down by 2040 which seems highly unlikely. Already Tesla are building the biggest lithium Ion battery factory in the world which will help reduce the cost of the most expensive single part in an electric car, the batteries themselves.

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