When Angela Spoke in the show

When Angela Merkel spoke at the Frankfurt motor show there was no backdrop of revving engines as per usual but an eerie silence of the new generation of electric transport. After the VW emissions scandal Merkel had even hinted at banning diesel sales for which German manufactures are so famous. Even the home city of BMW, Munich are mulling over whether to ban diesels in the city centre.


The Asian car manufactures such as Honda and Hyundai are very confident that battery powered cars are going to be making up over half of new car sales by 2020 something that BMW disagree with them. Instead they believe only 15%-20% of their sales will be electric and insist that diesels are the best way to reduce carbon emissions at the moment claiming a ban on them would be “a crazy idea.”

Norway is the first adopter of electric cars with 30% of current car sales being electric but whether this is going to be replicated across Europe, especially among the poorer nations such as Romania, Poland and even Greece is something that is yet to be seen. The UK currently sits at 2% of new car sales being electric.

Even though manufactures are not on the same page as to when electrics are going to be the dominant force in cars, they don’t deny that they are the future.


Some of the best electric cars to buy at the moment are the Renault Zoe which is £14,245 and has a range of 250 miles and the Mitsubishi Outlander which can run for 33 miles until its petrol engine will kick in, currently the most popular plug in car in the UK priced at £31,805.


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