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show me tell me questions

The show me tell me questions are a key part of the driving test. Why not see if you are driving test ready by giving our show me tell me question quiz a go?

Show Me Tell Me Questions

Are you test ready? Here is a show me tell me question quiz to see if you are up to speed and driving test ready!

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Tell me where you’d find the information for the recommended tyre pressures for this car and how tyre pressures should be checked?

2 / 11

Tell me how you’d check the tyres to ensure that they have sufficient tread depth and that their general condition is safe to use on the road.

3 / 11

Tell me how you’d know if there was a problem with your anti-lock braking system.

4 / 11

Tell me how you’d check that the brakes are working before starting a journey?

5 / 11

Tell me how you’d check that the headlights and tail lights are working. You don’t need to exit the vehicle.

6 / 11

Tell me how you’d check the power-assisted steering is working before starting a journey.

7 / 11

Tell me how you switch your headlight from dipped to main beam and explain how you’d know the main beam is on.

8 / 11

Tell me how you make sure your head restraint is correctly adjusted so it provides the best protection in the event of a crash.

9 / 11

Tell me how you’d switch on the rear fog light(s) and explain when you’d use it/them. You don’t need to exit the vehicle.

10 / 11

Tell me how you’d check the brake lights are working on this car.

11 / 11

Tell me how you’d check the direction indicators are working. You don’t need to exit the vehicle.

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We'll issue a full refund if we can't find you driving test cancellations within a few days of signing up. That is how confident we are that we'll find you an earlier test! Notice how we offer this? That's how confident we are of getting you a cancellation!

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Our user-friendly system makes finding cancellation appointments a breeze! Fill out a simple form, receive timely text updates, and accept a cancellation that suits your needs. We take care of the rest, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Our top priority is your satisfaction, which is why we take pride in our streamlined and easy-to-use service. Let us help you get your practical driving test completed quicker!

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Our servers constantly run to find driving test cancellations. That means we're searching when your drinking, eating and sleeping! The amount of times we search means you're guaranteed to find an earlier test date!

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Because we can find you driving test cancellations, it means that we'll get help you pass your test sooner and therefore save you money on lessons. This is why we save you £142 in lessons on average once we have found you a driving test cancellation! So get rid of that provisional driving license quicker by using our driving test cancellation checker.

Automatic Reservation

We're delighted to reserve your test date using our text to book system. If you need to cancel for any reason, just let us know and we'll find a date that works better for you. Text us "book" and we'll take care of the rest! It's really that easy. Thanks for choosing our service, and we look forward to helping you every step of the way. That's what we call service!

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Our Driving Test Cancellations FAQ

We would be delighted to help you secure an earlier driving test. Our scanning tool scrutinises the DVSA database daily to find the latest driving test cancellations on your behalf. Once you sign up, we’ll begin searching for earlier test dates straight away. You’ll be amazed at how quickly we can usually find an earlier test date for you – often times within just three days! Let us take the hassle out of finding driving test cancellations and help you get on the road sooner. If you sign up with Find Me a Driving Test, we can help you change your driving test to get an earlier appointment and therefore getting you your driving license earlier.

Yes. You need to have a test booked at the test centre that you would like to receive test cancellations at. We will find earlier cancellations at the centre you have booked. 

You could! It just takes a long, long time. Cancellation dates usually appear randomly throughout the day and usually taken very quickly by other drivers. We automate this process for you by checking every few minutes and we automatically reserve the slot for you so no one else can take it! It really is that simple, we search for test cancellations hundreds of times a day, that’s a lot of time and effort saved!

No! All you have to do is simply fill in the form. We’ll take care of the rest! We have designed our system to be as simple and easy to use as possible, therefore no software needs to be downloaded or installed. Our service is extremely simple to use, no need to download annoying software!

If only it was that simple! Unfortunately there is still no official driving test cancellation list to help find cancellations. However, do not despair as our system searches the government database thousands of times a day so you don’t have to!

No, we are not partnered with the DVSA. We simply help you find driving test cancellations so you don’t have to worry! If you need anymore information, then just send us an email or message us through the ‘contact us’ page.

Rest assured that we thoroughly search at the test centre where you booked your practical test. You can confidently expect all notifications regarding your new test to be specifically directed to your chosen test centre. You can also choose up to three test centres that we will search at. We always strive to provide the highest level of service and we are confident that you will successfully complete your practical test with our assistance.

The Driving Tests History

The UK driving test has a pretty interesting history! It all began way back in 1935, when the government decided that people who wanted to drive needed to prove they were safe and skilled behind the wheel. So, they introduced the first ever practical driving tests.

Back then, the test wasn’t as detailed as it is today. There were no theory questions – just a practical driving assessment. If you could show you could drive around without crashing into things, you’d pass. But if you messed up, you’d have to wait a week to try again.

As time went on, they realised that knowing the rules of the road was just as important as driving well. So in 1996, they added the theory test – a set of questions about road signs, rules, and safe driving. This covered all softs of driving requirements and now must be completed before a practical driving test can be taken.

In 2002, the driving test got another change. The idea was to make it more like real-life driving, so they added a section where you had to follow directions from a sat nav. But don’t worry, you also had to show you could read regular road signs and follow them.

The test continued to evolve. In 2017, they made it even more practical by asking you to do things like parallel parking and answer a “show me, tell me” question about car safety.

So, from 1935 to now, the driving test has become a mix of practical driving skills, knowing the rules of the road, and showing you can handle different situations. It’s all about making sure everyone on the road is safe and skilled, whether you’re driving in a city or on a country lane. Just remember to study up, practice, and stay calm – you’ve got this!

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