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"Our aim is simple, to find you driving test cancellations in the quickest possible time by searching the database thousands of times a day so you don't have to!"

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The first licences were introduced to the UK in 1903 under the Motor Car Act of 1903 but no test was required. The highway code was launched in 1931 at a cost of one penny and was very different to the version we have today. By 1933 there were only 1.8 million cars on the roads but over 7000 people were killed and a staggering 216,000 were injured. Due to the increasing number of casualties, a test was brought in under the Road Traffic Act 1934. Over the next six decades, it would change to adapt to the changing times. One of the largest changes came about in 1990 when the theory test was introduced. With the increasing emphasis on technology, it was updated in December 2017 which introduced a compulsory section to follow a sat nav for 10 minutes.

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We find them by scanning the DVA database thousands of times every day. We search on your behalf to find you the latest cancellations. After signing up, we will immediately start searching for earlier dates. In most cases, we find earlier appointments within three days of signing up.

Yes. You need to have one booked at the centre that you would like to receive notifications for. We will find earlier cancellations at the centre you have booked.

You could! It just takes a long, long time. Dates usually appear randomly throughout the day and usually taken very quickly by other drivers. We automate this process for you by checking every few minutes and we automatically reserve the slot for you so no one else can take it! It really is that simple, we search for cancellations hundreds of times a day, that’s a lot of time and effort saved!

No! All you have to do is simply fill in the form. We’ll take care of the rest! We have designed our system to be as simple and easy to use as possible, therefore no software needs to be downloaded or installed.

Unfortunately not! The only way to find them is to either look manually yourself or to use a service like ours. We do not find earlier slots from a list, we simply use the information you provide to check the database hundreds of times a day!

We are not associated with the DVLA. We are a service offering to look on your behalf for the latest cancellations. The DVLA has a large database of potential cancellations but can only be accessed by logging in manually or using a system such as ours.

We search the centre where you booked your practical exam. All notifications for a new test will only be at the specific to your  centre.

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