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We find them by scanning the DVA database thousands of times every day. We search on your behalf to find you the latest cancellations. After signing up, we will immediately start searching for earlier dates. In most cases, we find earlier appointments within three days of signing up.

Yes. You need to have one booked at the centre that you would like to receive notifications for. We will find earlier cancellations at the centre you have booked.

You could! It just takes a long, long time. Dates usually appear randomly throughout the day and usually taken very quickly by other drivers. We automate this process for you by checking every few minutes and we automatically reserve the slot for you so no one else can take it! It really is that simple, we search for cancellations hundreds of times a day, that’s a lot of time and effort saved!

No! All you have to do is simply fill in the form. We’ll take care of the rest! We have designed our system to be as simple and easy to use as possible, therefore no software needs to be downloaded or installed.

Unfortunately not! The only way to find them is to either look manually yourself or to use a service like ours. We do not find earlier slots from a list, we simply use the information you provide to check the database hundreds of times a day!

We are not associated with the DVLA. We are a service offering to look on your behalf for the latest cancellations. The DVLA has a large database of potential cancellations but can only be accessed by logging in manually or using a system such as ours.

We search the centre where you booked your practical exam. All notifications for a new test will only be at the specific to your  centre.


The first licences were introduced to the UK in 1903 under the Motor Car Act of 1903 but no test was required. The highway code was launched in 1931 at a cost of one penny and was very different to the version we have today. By 1933 there were only 1.8 million cars on the roads but over 7000 people were killed and a staggering 216,000 were injured. Due to the increasing number of casualties, a test was brought in under the Road Traffic Act 1934. Over the next six decades, it would change to adapt to the changing times. One of the largest changes came about in 1990 when the theory test was introduced. With the increasing emphasis on technology, it was updated in December 2017 which introduced a compulsory section to follow a sat nav for 10 minutes.

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Lets be honest. A driving test isn’t much fun! So much of the driving test can come down to such little things or intricate luck that life just doesn’t seem fair. However; with this guide you will increase your chances of passing next time!

Learn The Route

By far the most important aspect of your driving test is where you will actually be driving. Learning the route will allow you to focus on other safety checks rather than wondering where you are and what’s coming up ahead. Even if you’re not driving, simply knowing where things are and what is coming up ahead is essential when on your test.

Keep Calm  

Keep calm and carry on is the motto! And it certainly is true in this case. One of the most prominent things we hear about when people come to us looking for driving test cancellations is ‘I was fine the day before’. This so often rings true. By the time you get to your test, you know your instructor well and therefore feel calm on driving lessons When this becomes a test environment with someone you don’t know, nerves can so easily kick in. Nearly all of us here at Find Me A Driving test were the same.

 Our tip to combat this is to take one or two lessons with somebody else in your car. This could be someone like a friend or a parent. Driving with someone else in the car who you are not used to driving will help to increase the pressure (just like the real test!).

Take Your Time

Why rush? A driving test is only a set amount of time and rushing will not only make you more likely to make mistakes but will run down the clock faster! What’s the point?

Make sure you take plenty of times with your manoeuvre. You are unlikely to fail your driving test because of the manoeuvre and therefore every minute spent doing it with no cars around, is a minute less having to deal with real and fast changing hazards.

Watch that speed!

It’s so important to keep an eye on the speed you are doing. Not only is speeding an instant fail, it gives you far less preparation time. Be extra vigilant when approaching areas with housing as recent council campaigns have seen many areas reduced to just 20mph. Driving at 30mph in a 20mph zone will result in a fail. If in doubt (and there is no traffic behind you) drive at 20mph through these estates. If the road is narrow with many obstacles, this will likely be seen as good judgement by the examiner.

Don’t Panic

Do not panic when it comes to the Sat-Nav part of the test. If you are approaching a major roundabout and you realise you are in the wrong lane, do not make every effort and get in the correct lane. Just carry on as normal and exit the roundabout in your lane a the wrong exit. The instructor cannot fail you for not listening but solely on your driving. Therefore do not panic if you realise you have to change direction. Just keep calm and carry on!


Once you get your first car, you’re are eager to get out and enjoy the open road. Before you can do that though it is important that you have all the legal bits in place; these are not optional and must be in place as you don’t want the police taking your new car away or even your licence.

A new law meant that any new driver that gets more than six penalty points in the first two years of passing their driving test, will get an automatic suspension. You will not only have to do the theory test element again but also an extended driving test which lasts 80 minutes!


Road Tax

Road tax or road fund licence as it is also known is a mandatory requirement. This tax varies depending on when it was made and what type of car it is. If you are buying a car that was registered before 1 March 2001 the tax will be judged on the size of the engine. The larger the size the higher the fee. If it is registered after 1 March 2001 then the fee will be judge on the amount of CO2 it produces. There has been changes to car tax in both 2017 and 2018 where the average amount paid has gone up. Even Hybrid vehicles still have to pay a tax when previously they didn’t.

If you are deciding to buy a full electric car then the tax is free as it is part of the ‘ultra-low emission’ group of vehicles.

There are two ways to tax your new car; online or through the post office. Online is the easier option but both have the same result. If you do decide to go to the post office then you must take your MOT certificate, vehicle registration documents (V5C) and if in Northern Ireland, insurance certificate.

You can pay road tax monthly, 6 month and 12-month increments. You can save some money by choosing to pay it yearly. If you have chosen to pay it yearly and decide to sell your car, you will receive a refund as the road tax cannot be transferred to a different car.



The MOT is a health check but for your car. Every year this must be conducted, and it is not optional. The test lasts a couple of hours and consist of many checks such as tire pressure, breaks, lights and other important safety aspects. The only exception to this is if you purchase a brand new car as an MOT does not have to be completed until the car is three years old.

There are over 19,000 MOT centres in the UK so they are easy to find. If you look out for the blue three triangle sign this will indicate they offer MOT’s. The MOT does not guarantee the mechanical condition of the car as the test does not cover engine, gearbox and clutch.

If your car fails its MOT, you will be given the reason why. Most MOT centres let you resolve the issue within a time period and will complete a second test on your vehicle. You will not be given a MOT pass certificate without fixing an issues with your vehicle.



Car insurance

For a new driver (and particularly young drivers), this is the biggest payment they will have to pay in the first year after passing their driving test. Sometimes it can be more expensive than the csot of your car! Regardless of price it is still the law that you are required to insure your car. Failing to have insurance can often lead to an instant ban (especially if you are a new driver who has just passed their driving test).

How much the insurance is going to cost is down to quite a few factors such as:

  • Age
  • Where you live.
  • what you do for a living.
  • completion of the pass plus course.
  • The type and model of your car and engine size.
  • Where the car is kept.
  • Number of miles you intend to do each year.
  • If there are any modifications to the car.
  • How old the car is.

The price of the insurance will steadily go down as you build up your no-claims bonus, grow older and hold your licence for longer. Penalty points could easily increase the cost of insurance.  

For drivers who have just passed their driving test, a good option would be a ‘black box’. This is a little box that is fitted to your car and will track the way you drive. This means the insurance company can see how you are driving and will monitor things such as acceleration, time of day you are driving the car, speed and breaking intensity. Some insurers offer discounts for young drivers throughout the year for good driving scores.  

When you filled out an insurance quote it will offer you three different types of insurance –

Comprehensive – This is what most people tend to go for as it is offers complete insurance. With this type of insurance, you are covered for damage to your vehicle and personal injury. Due to the amount of cover you get, this is often the most expensive option.

Third party – This is the legal minimum and the cheapest policy. The third party is anyone you might injure or whose property you damage.

Third party, Fire and Theft – This also covers other people, property damaged and also covers your vehicle being involved in a fire or if it is stolen.

Choosing the right insurance can be difficult, as a new driver it is important that you shop around before you commit, there are comparison site available which will help you in this process.

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