Find Me A Driving Test FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions that will provide an instance answer to you for most of the common questions we get asked. 

Is there a driving test cancellation list?

Regrettably, there is no accessible driving test cancellation roster for the public at the moment. The DVA has explicitly stated their non-intention to publish such a list. As a result, the most effective approach is to conduct the search on your own or utilize our service for consistent monitoring on your behalf.

Just how exactly do you search for tests?

We just check for cancellations every hour of every day! It’s as simple as that! And as we are searching so many times each day, we find loads to send you!

How will I receive earlier test dates?

We offer two types of driving test cancellations. We can either autobook a date for you straight away, or we will send you a message in which you can reply to accept the booking. 

So what do you need from me?

Just some basic details! We will need your phone number (so we can send you the cancellations) and also your driving ID and booking reference number. That’s it! If you provide those when signing up, we’ll start finding tests for you! If your details are wrong, we’ll let you know once we start searching so don’t worry!

Is it always a free trial?

Once you sign up there is no commitment for you to go premium; we offer a free trial so you can test it out free of charge! However, it might be worth looking at the cool features we offer with the full version just so you get on the road as soon as possible!

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How much does it cost?

For full membership, it costs just £21.99 for lifetime user in finding cancellations! We’re sure you’re going to be impressed!

How do you take payments?

We take card payments for all common cards in the UK for payments. This is Visa, Mastercard or American Express. 

What happens if want to cancel my Find Me A Driving Test?

Although we try to make every customer happy if you are not happy with the services and would like to cancel you can do so by emailing [email protected] or request a callback.

How Can I Upgrade to the Premium Version?

Simply go to ‘My Account’. 

How do I change which test centre I want to find cancellations at?

You don’t need to, we search the driving school you have booked your test at. You can add up to two more centres if you wish to increase the speed in which we find you a new date.

How does autobook work?

Autobook works by booking a test that matches your criteria automatically. Not to worry though, we’ll never book a non refundable test date! So you can always change it for free!

Will I have to have a test booked to use this?

Quite simply, yes! You will need a current test booking in order to use Find Me A Driving Test.