How We Work

create an account

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll get a confirmation email to welcome you aboard. We’ll kick off the search for earlier test dates right away. Our test cancellation finder is incredibly effective – we scour the DVA database more than a thousand times each day! When we locate an available slot, we’ll send you an SMS notification with the specific time and date.


We’ll reserve this slot for you for 15 minutes. During this time, if you reply with ‘book’, we’ll ensure an automatic booking. No need to stress if you can’t respond immediately or if you’re having trouble reaching your instructor. You’ve got up to 90 minutes to send us a text. We’ll certainly do our best to help, although we can’t guarantee a date change at that point. Your convenience and success are our priorities!

wait for cancellations

Understanding that waiting for a test can be quite challenging, we’ve got a solution for you. With Find Me A Driving Test, your odds of success can triple compared to our regular service. How? By allowing you to pick two extra test centres. It’s as straightforward as that! In the text we send you, we’ll mention the specific centre where we’ve secured a test for you. If you’re satisfied with the timing and date, just reply with ‘Book’ to confirm. And if you only require one test centre, you can leave the other fields empty. It’s designed to be hassle-free!

choose different test centres

Choose up to three different test centres in ‘my account’. We can find you cancellations at any of the test centres you select. We will always let you know which test centre it is where we find a cancellation. Just signup to start finding cancellations now!

Autobook Your Driving Test

Great news – we’ve located a test for you! No need to risk missing out on that ideal date. By enabling the auto book option, you can ensure you never let a date slip by. When a suitable date becomes available, we’ll take care of the booking process and promptly inform you once it’s confirmed. If this feature sounds appealing, after you’ve completed the sign-up process, just navigate to the ‘My Account’ section and switch on the auto book feature. Your convenience is our priority!

Leave us a like and review

Why not leave us a review to help other people find cancellations? We enormously appreciate any comments left for us to help us improve our service or to tell us how you did on your test!